The #KeepETHDenverFree Bufficorn Store is Now Live!


We encourage developers, technologists, cypher punks, coders, crypto-economists, designers, makers, and the like to apply. Our ecosystem is bottom up. Emergent. A ground swell of diverse intelligences who are committed to #buidling the decentralized future. The ETHDenver #BUIDLATHON is about bringing together like minds around a common purpose. Distributed computing is the future, and Colorado is a leading community supporting this emerging technology. Our event is about empowering participants to shape this new world, while cementing the Rocky Mountain region and the State of Colorado as a thriving hub of Ethereum blockchain innovation.

Note that we’ve rebranded for the 2019 event. We feel that “hackathons”, are great technological experiences, but the ETHDenver 2018 turned out to be so much more. Welcome to the ETHDenver #BUIDLATHON + Community Gathering!


Education + Community = #BUIDL

Peeking Bufficorn

Be A #Bufficorn

Our Values and Ethos are best depicted by a magical, fantastical creature that lives in herds atop the 14ers of Colorado. This wonderful beast is called the #Bufficorn. #Bufficorns, moreso than their cousin Unicorns, are very community oriented. They collaborate in almost everything they do. They call to one another with an odd sound, “BUIDL!” Be a Bufficorn and #Buidl with us!