ETHDenver Judging Overview

ETHDenver 2019 is one of the largest BUIDLATHONs in the world (an estimated 250+ teams competing for only 20 finalist spots!). So we designed the judging process to be fair and efficient, given the enormous variety of buidler skill sets, judge backgrounds, and project types we’ll see.

Important Sections:

  • Submitting Your Project
  • Bounty List & Video Summary
  • Judging Schedule
  • BUIDL Table Locations (which will be updated morning of event)
  • Map of Sponsor Expo Table Locations
  • Mentorship Information
  • FAQ

All teams will compete on the Open or Impact track, but also have the opportunity to complete up to 10 Sponsor Bounties for additional rewards and recognition. Please read the full judging process here – you don’t want to be caught flat-footed on Sunday morning!


Submitting Your Project

Please visit and click “Submit Project” under ETHDenver Submissions. 

Begin submitting your project at least 1 hour before the deadline (8am on Sunday, 2/17) to ensure you have time to connect with the ETHDenver team in case you have any questions about the submission process.


Bounty List

We have an amazing array of bounties from more than two dozen sponsors for you this year. Check out the video below to hear the bounties directly from the sponsors, or head over to our Sponsor Bounties at ETHDenver 2019! collection on Kauri to check out the full details!


Judging Schedule on Sunday (2/17)


BUIDL Table Locations


Map of Sponsor Expo Table Locations

Plan to meet sponsors in person, learn more about their projects and understand their bounties on Friday. Then drop by all weekend long for mentorship support as you integrate their technologies into your project.


Mentorship Information

BUIDL Experience Mentor Desk Come to the middle of the action on the 4th floor by the bodega to find the mentor desk, which will have an awesome collection of mentors throughout the BUIDLATHON including UX designers, solidity devs, business leaders, and more!

Status Channel – You can download Status for desktop here and for mobile here. Please post on the #mentor and #buidlx Status channels if you need help so mentors can either answer directly on there or make their way to you for in-person help! Learn more about how to use Status at ETHDenver here.

Sponsor Tables Sponsors are encouraged to keep at least one team member at their table at all times, so feel free to drop by if you have questions about how to implement their technology. Please also remember that you can email them directly!



Who does my team reach out to for any questions about judging or bounties?

Please send an email to It will be monitored by multiple people to answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

What if my team has a question about a specific bounty?

Please reach out to the bounty sponsor directly via their provided email.

Can my team complete more than 10 bounties?

Please reach out to before you start. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis as long as the bounties are well implemented and the final product makes sense.